Staff Directory

Staff List 2021 - 2022

Support Staff

Administrative Assistants - Ms. Cochrane and Ms. Gouin

Custodians - Mrs. Tomson, Mrs. Orlina, Mr. Rayco

Educational Assistants - Mrs. Dickau, Ms. McAuley, Mrs. Nicholson, Ms. Orleni, Mrs. Schnell, and Mrs. Wells

Family School Liaison Worker - Mrs. Lucas

Indigenous Support Worker - Mrs. Stoney

Teaching Staff 

Academic Support Teachers - Mrs. Jager, and Mrs. Krec

Learning Assistance Program - Mr. Barton and Mrs. Bourget

Kindergarten - Miss. Marquardt

Gr. 1 - Mrs. Henson and Miss. Holliday

Gr. 2 - Mrs. Priebe and Mrs. Wieclaw

Gr. 3 - Mrs. Brulotte and Miss. Moisan

Gr. 4 - Mrs. Hebert and Miss. Lee

Gr. 5 - Mr. Mennear and Ms. Werner

Gr. 6 - Mr. Doyle and Mr. Senghera

Gr. 7/8 Language Arts & Social - Mrs. Friesen and Mrs. Oesterwoldt

Gr. 7/8 Math & Science - Mrs. Hemsing and Ms. Thurmeier

Career and Technology Foundations - Mr. Schuman

Administrators - Mr. Van Someren and Mr. Weimer

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