Regular attendance is necessary for a student to do well.  The School Act requires every child who is six years old at school opening date, and not yet sixteen years, to attend regularly.  It is expected that parents will cooperate with the school by insisting on regular attendance.

     If a student will be away, a call should be placed to the school to inform us of that absence. Messages can be left if calls are placed outside of school hours.  Parents will be called from the school if a student is absent and we have not received notification. 


     Bus arrival time is approximately 8:35 a.m.  Formal outside supervision commences at 8:20 a.m.  The staff is not responsible for supervision of students who arrive prior to the buses.  It is strongly recommended that students not using the bus arrive at a time similar to bus arrivals.  The school doors will not be open until 8:35 a.m. for all students. 

     All efforts should be taken to avoid arriving late for school.  Students in grades K to 9 arriving late for morning or afternoon classes are asked to report to the office to obtain a late slip.  Reasons given and the number of occurrences will be monitored by the administration.  The objective will be to identify and improve situations where students have formed a habit of coming late as this adversely affects their academic progress.


     The school operates under a "closed campus policy".  Any student wishing to leave the grounds on his/her own during the day must have a note signed by a parent or guardian and must get the permission of school administration.  Parents picking up students between 9:00 a.m. and 3:18 p.m. must sign out their child at the office.

     All visitors must report to the office.  Socializing, by non-parental visitors, with Clear Vista students during the school day is not permitted.  Students residing in Wetaskiwin are permitted to go home for lunch as long as a covering note, signed by a parent or guardian, is provided.


    In all situations student behavior should reflect an attitude of courtesy and consideration. It is expected that students will conduct themselves in a fashion that promotes the safety of all students and creates an atmosphere of courteousness and respectfulness to themselves, the entire student body and staff.  Respect for authority and respect for private and public property must be practiced at all times.  The staff is dedicated to maintaining standards of conduct that are suitable to a public school setting.

     More specifically, students are expected to display proper school conduct as outlined in Section 12 of the School Act.

  • a) Be diligent in pursuing his/her studies, i.e. complete assignments, studying for exams.
  • b) Attend school regularly and punctually.
  • c) Co-operate fully with everyone authorized by the Board to provide education programs and other services (respect for authority);
  • d) Comply with the rules of the school as presented by staff and School Handbook;
  • e) Account to his/her teachers for his/her conduct (follow instructions first time given);
  • f) Respect the rights of others

     Regulations pertaining to specific situations that will promote organization and an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone concerned are reviewed with students.

     Support from the home is sought with students who are persistent offenders.


      Violence, or possession of weapons or illegal drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, will not be tolerated.  Contact will be made with parents and a response by the school, appropriate to the situation, will be initiated.  A school suspension and/or possible contact of the R.C.M.P. will likely result if a student is involved in these activities.


     Students are expected to dress in a clean, neat, appropriate manner. Appropriate clothing will cover all undergarments and midriff.  Sleeveless tops covering the majority of the shoulder are acceptable.  Shorts and skirts must extend noticeably below the fingertips when arms are placed by your side.  Clothing with offensive words, slogans or pictures are considered inappropriate. Clothing displaying slogans or pictures of drugs, tobacco, alcohol or sexual overtones will not be allowed.  Hats are to be removed when in the building and coats removed when in class.  Apparel such as studded wristbands, bandannas, etc. are not permitted.  (Appropriate appearance reflects good judgment, personal respect and respect for others.)  The learning atmosphere should be considered comparable to a business atmosphere.  Students seen wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change into their Physical Education T-shirts or turn the offensive clothing inside out.

     Dressing according to the weather is encouraged.  Except for inappropriate weather conditions, students are expected to go outside for recess and noon.  Students are required to remove all dirty footwear.  Students must have a pair of clean inside shoes to wear while in the building and during Phys. Ed.  All students are required to have appropriate footwear on at all times throughout the school day.  Gym clothing is required in grades 5 to 9. (Please consult with your Phys. Ed instructor).


      Lockers are supplied for students at Clear Vista.  Locks are supplied for students using hallway lockers (typically grades 5 to 9).  Only school locks are allowed on lockers and a $5.00 locker/lock rental fee is assessed to these students.  Lockers are the property of WRPS and in accordance with WRPS Lock Use Agreement 354.1 even though students put locks on their school lockers, they should not have an expectation of privacy for their locker.  WRPS reserves the right to open, search and inspect a locker without notice if WRPS staff have reasonable grounds to believe that there may be drugs, alcohol, stolen property, weapons or anything deemed by the school or police to be a danger to others in the locker. 


     In the course of the year students misplace a great number and variety of personal items.  Although these items are readily available for recovery by students, they seldom are.  Parents are invited to check the Lost and Found boxes periodically if their children seem to be missing any of their belongings. It is advisable that personal articles be clearly marked for easy identification.

Skateboards, Bikes, Heelies and Rollerblades

     Students are not allowed to ride bikes or use skateboards on school property from 8:30 to 3:45 p.m. Rollerblades and heelies can be worn to the school doors, but must be taken off and remain off until dismissal at the end of the school day.  Rollerblades can then be stored in the student's locker and heelies pushed in. Skateboards must be carried when on school property and then stored in the student's locker. Bikes must be walked while on school property and then need to be locked in the bike rack. 

Valuables at School

     It is recommended that personal valuables such as jewelry, money, CD/MP3 players, electronic games, cell phones, etc. not be brought to school. If it is necessary to have these items at school, they need to remain in their locked locker.  The school will not be held responsible for stolen goods or breakage.


     Unless it is a public event, such as a field trip, game or concert, we will not allow anyone to take photographs within our building, or on school property, without appropriate consent. Consequently, cameras are not allowed at school except for approved events.  


     Cell phones, if brought to school, are to be turned off and kept in lockers throughout the school day.  Students will be allowed to access and use their cell phones during morning and lunch recess. Students' contact with parents should be done through the school phone.  School phones are not made available to students to arrange visits with other students.


The servery is for use by the students in Grades 6-8 during the eating portion of lunch hour only. Purchased items are for consumption during eating time and in assigned lunchrooms.


     Microwaves are supplied in various areas of the school. All students are to use these with care and respect. Where there are microwaves in a classroom, teachers will post common rules that outline the proper use of the microwave. As well, schedules will be established for rotational student use and cleaning. 



      There are three reporting periods during the year for grade 1-9 students.  All student achievement is reviewed at the end of January, and parent contact is made in cases where students are not achieving as expected or there has been a significant change in their mark. Parent/Teacher interviews follow the first and second report cards.

     Final report cards in June are issued on the last student attendance day.  Parents considering holiday plans that interfere with attendance during the last few days should inform the office.

     Final exams are scheduled for Junior High students.  Grade 7 and 8 students that have an 80% or greater in all core subjects may choose 1 exam to be exempt from. Parent consent is required.    


     According to School Board Guidelines, 50% is considered a pass in Junior High.  In Grades 4 to 6, students are expected to achieve 60% mastery level.  Students in Grades 1 to 3 must achieve an 80% mastery.   Possible candidates for retention are those students who achieve less than a passing grade in two or more core subjects. 


     The amount of homework required each night varies according to the grade, daily demands of the curriculum, and the ability and effort of the student.  Please check with the teacher of your son or daughter if you wish more information.

Homework is an extension of a student's learning and may take one of the following forms:

  • 1. Completion of an assignment not finished in class time.
  • 2. Independent review of material covered in class (studying).
  • 3. Organization of material for a topic being presented in the future.


SCHOOL POLICIES - Awards and Scholarships


     Student achievement is celebrated each year by the presentation of the following awards and scholarships.  Presentations are made to grades 4 to 7 at a Fall Awards Ceremony while the grade 8 presentations are made at a June Farewell planned for grade 8's only.

  • 1. Honors - students achieving 80% or better in Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies.
  • 2. Endeavor Award - students being consistent in their effort throughout but unable to achieve an honor standing.
  • 3. Citizenship Award - students contributing the most to a positive school climate during the year.
  • 4. Owen Buffalo Memorial Award - trophy given to the top Native student in Grades 7-9.
  • 5. Junior High Computer Science Scholarship ($25) - this scholarship is presented annually to a student in each Jr. High grade receiving commendation who has diligently pursued studies in Computer Science.
  • 6. Paul Holte Music Scholarship ($50) - this scholarship is presented to one student in Grade 7 and one student in Grade 8 that exhibits good ability and leadership in music.



SCHOOL POLICIES - Illness and Injury

     Students who cannot attend class because of sickness are directed to the office.  Parents are consulted to make necessary arrangements.  Students remain in the school infirmary until they can return to class or go home.

     In cases of minor injuries, school personnel will administer basic first aid.  Parents will be contacted on all major injuries to make necessary arrangements.  If parents cannot be reached, the student will be taken to either the emergency services at the hospital by ambulance for expert attention.


     In the event of a school closure local radio stations will be notified by the Director of Transportation for WRPS. Families have a responsibility to listen for bussing and school closure announcements when inclement weather conditions exist. Media outlets, however, are not obligated to broadcast this information as they do so as a community service. The Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools website (www.wrps11.ca) will also have school closures posted on their homepage. Please make arrangements so students do not arrive home to locked doors (no one home) if a school closure should occur.


     Policy covering requests for staff to administer prescribed medication states that the level of service provided by WRPS staff will be determined by application of specific criteria as outlined within the policy.   Please inquire at the office if you need this service.


      During the year it is necessary for deadlines to be met in order for us to function efficiently.  Missing deadlines may cause extra work or denial of privileges.  Please make every effort to adhere to these deadlines.  Exceptions will be considered only in the case of extenuating circumstances.


     Field trips are planned during the year to enhance the curriculum.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.  If you do not wish your son/daughter to take part in a particular field trip, but would prefer your child to still attend school that day, contact the staff member involved and arrangements will be made (i.e. spend the day with another class, etc.).  There are opportunities for junior high students to participate in extra-curricular trips at various times of the year.  The cost of these extra curricular trips will be the responsibility of the parents.


     All elementary students are expected to go outside for recess and noon.   Junior high students are encouraged to join them.  The longest a student would be outside at a time would be twenty-five minutes.

     Students are expected to dress according to the weather.  A supervisor is outside with them.  Depending on the day, the outside supervisor may decide to allow students to return inside.  Students are kept indoors if the outside temperature is - 20°C and/or the wind chill factor falls below - 25°C.

     On occasion, parents may wish for their child to remain indoors during recess breaks.  A note should be sent to the school informing the teacher.  Notes should not cover more than two days as weather conditions change and student's health improves.  We would also appreciate it if you could be as specific as possible in regard to the reason the child is to remain indoors.


Students please do your part by:

  • not defacing or marking walls, desks or furniture in any manner,
  • placing all scrap paper and other garbage in the containers provided,
  • keeping lockers in a neat condition,
  • cleaning or removing dirty footwear when entering the school
  • keeping washrooms neat and tidy,
  • reporting all damage to school property to the office (those responsible will be charged for replacement or repair if the damage is willful or due to carelessness). Charges will not be made for totally accidental damage.


Clear Vista School operates under the governance of Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools (WRPS), which has developed several policies for the operation of WRPS and the schools within the jurisdiction. A link to the WRPS webpage that contains these policies is: http://www.wrps11.ca/documents/board-policies