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Classroom Locations 2019-2020 School Year

We are re-assigning our Grade Three and Grade Six Classrooms to make better use of the open spaces in our school for the 2019-2020 school year.

Our Grade Three homerooms will now be located side by side in the current Division Two wing. The Grade Three students will access the school using the Division Two doorway and they will use that playground during recess and lunch breaks.

Our Grade Six homerooms will now be located in the current Division Three wing. The Grade Six students will access the school using the Division Three doorway and they will access the court space and common areas that are designated for our current Junior High students. In addition, the Grade Six students will now have access to our Junior High Science lab which is a great feature that our school has to offer our students.

The homeroom relocations will allow for the creation of a Music room as well as an intervention space in the current Division One wing. In addition, the relocation provides more space on the Division One playground and boot-room; which will now be accessed only by ECS, Grade One and Grade Two students, while still allowing space for the Privately Operated Pre-school that is located within Clear Vista School.

We will be working to ensure a smooth transition for our students, please feel free to contact Mr. Daly or Mr. Van Someren directly with any questions or feedback that you may have.

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