On April 11, 2014 Clear Vista hosted a career fair for Junior High students.  We would like to thank all the presenters for making this a very successful and informative morning for our students. 


As of April 2nd Clear Vista has raised $8200!!!  That's 410 bricks!  We need 90 more to reach our goal of 500 bricks! 

Each brick represents $20.00 donated.  Let's fill it up!  Donations can be made at the office, online (link in the article below), or send your donation with your child.  Let's help build a school!!

Show your belief that all children, girls and boys, have the right to go to school!

We Create Change is your chance to open doors for children everywhere. Clear Vista students are collecting coins to fundraise for Free The Children’s Year of Education initiative to a build school and improve access to education in developing communities around the globe.

Collect $20 in coins, and your change can provide a brick for the construction of a new school. Build a school, and your change can educate hundreds of children. Give children a chance to learn, and your change can help a generation make change for themselves.  Clear Vista’s goal is to build a school on the 10th anniversary of our school being built.

$20 in change = one brick   One brick = the cornerstone of education    

500 bricks = a school    Education = change for the world

 Here is the link if you want more information and to check out the short video:

 for ONLINE DONATIONS click on this link:


The grade 9 students are selling friendship bracelets (made in Peru).  Each day at lunch recess these bracelets will be for sale in the school foyer for $2.00 each.  They will also be available at the school office from 8:00 to 4:00 each day. The money raised will go towards the grade 9 Achievement Night.  Please help us raise money to help our grade 9 students with their Achievement Night celebration plans.  These bracelets are suitable for students of all ages and are fun and brightly colored. 


Clear Vista School offers a full day Kindergarten Program.  Kindergarten children attend full days on Monday & Wednesdays, or Tuesday & Thursdays, with the occassional Friday class.  Students are required to be age 5 by December 31st of the current school year.

Registration form: Kindergarten Registration Form

View the current Kindergarten calendar by clicking on this link: Kindergarten (ECS) calendar

For more information please refer to the:


Go to ABOUT, then choose Calendar.
You can also click on an event listed on the calendar portion at the right of this screen. You will then be brought to the full month of events. 

Clear Vista Decorates in Celebration of 10th Anniversary